Boat Graphics

TSS MALIBU BOAT WRAPS 3No matter what kind of boat you have,(Wakeboard, Water Ski, Bass Boat, Offshore Fishing, Cruisers, Overnight, Sail, Personal Watercraft, etc) all of our graphics are made to fit your hull and top deck perfectly. Change the text and logos, match the colors to your current gelcoat accents, trailer, or interior, we can quickly and easily tailor any of the designs you see to any boat at no additional charge.

All of our “standard” designs are available and can be customized to anything you desire.  Just ask! Remember….. All our graphics can be removed when you are ready to sell your boat. The graphics also protect the finish!!

Also please look at our Promotional Program. Just like the racing program, we want you on our team and will make it worth your effort to promote TSS Graphics.

All of our wraps can be customized. Whether your boat is a 2014 Supra or a 1978 Bayliner, each wrap is tailored to fit your specific make, model, and year. Not only can you change colors, but you can choose a wrap and change the logos, font, and styles.  You can also remove unwanted elements or add anything you have in mind. Badging can be removed or expanded. We have a full library of sponsor logos as well. You can also remove any elements in the background with ease such as any of the individual lines you see. The best part is, that when customizing a stock design to your own personal taste, most of these changes are included. An hourly artwork fees will only be added if we are asked for multiple designs. We make changes until you say it’s perfect and are 110% Satisfied.

See our Boat Design Gallery!