Promotional Programs

Whether you’re a Racer, Wakeboarder, Water Skier or you Fish…our Promotional Program is designed to benefit team members that influence the purchase(s) of others. That includes companies that you work for or own…….Friends that own trucking companies or ┬áPlumbing companies…anyone that uses graphics! We have created a program that allows for riders or drivers of ANY skill level. We don’t care how well you do what you do….the art of promotion is getting people to buy product………Here is the Promotional Program:

  1. Agree to the program by filling out the on-line form below.
  2. Buy graphics, team shirts or hauler graphics from TSS for your Bike/ATV/Car/Truck/Boat.
  3. Display your product in a way that makes others want to use TSS for their graphics. Prominently display the TSS Graphics logo. Suggest that people buy their graphics from TSS… When they buy you get credit…..
  4. Call us when you know that someone is going to contact us…Give us their name and we’ll let you know when they call. They are your account for a minimum of one year and if you have constant contact with that individual, that time frame can continue indefinitely.
  5. Get 10% of the their product cost towards your product from TSS. We can put toward your order or we can create a savings account that you can use to accrue credit toward your next order.